It’s taken focus

There’s a new way of life these days, born from necessity, and it has affected us all in different ways.

I work from home now, for who knows how long since the plan to reopen the state is about to begin in gradual phases.

My new work environment has positives and drawbacks, which are are subjects for another day.

Today, I thought I’d focus this post on what has become my day after I’ve put in eight hours.

(I also wanted to get “focus” in a sentence since it’s today’s WordPress Discover prompt so I’m glad the box is checked.)

Early this year, before coronavirus reared its ugly molecules, I set some goals for myself.

The list has increased some since my obligations have decreased.

I’ve tried to pick up where I left off on my walks, and I’ve tried to walk two miles every day when my workday ends.

Then I move to the porch, where I’ve made progress on my goal to read two books a month and I’ve written several of these posts.

So far I’m still in line to accomplish my goal to finish all of these daily prompts and end up with a post every day this month.

It’s always been a chore for me to try to think of something to say often enough to write on a consistent basis when it’s not for work, and sometimes even when it was my job.

I’ve had an easier time since someone else has sparked my brain every day, but it’s still taken a lot of focus to put my own spin on the prompts.

Some of my efforts have been possible. Others have been duds, but they can’t all be winners.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep up this post-a-day pace when we get to May, but it’s good to know I’ve made it this far and still have a chance to reach my goal.

It’s taken focus to get this far.

It’ll take more to finish, which reminds me it’s time to get to work on another goal because I’ve got just two days to finish another book.

2 thoughts on “It’s taken focus”

  1. Casey: I love it! Keep on reading. I read some where that the average author invests two years life experience into every book he writes.Based on this, I gain two years experience from every Booz I read. As a life long reader I estimate I have read at least 5000 books (maybe more). I am 85 and still devouring the printed page. Whether or not I have gained 10,000 years of life experience I must leave the good Lord. But I have enjoyed the effort. Keep on reading! I sincerely hope Heaven has libraries.

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