Nonsensical notes

A notebook is a type of article full of notes about different topics or extra information for which a reporter couldn’t find a place in a story.

Since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “note,” I thought I’d jot down some random ones.

Work wonders: Today was the longest workday of the week at home.

There were three heavy thunderstorms sandwiched in the middle, after a a tornado scare last Sunday, and at times it felt like I’d never get to quittin’ time.

I haven’t gotten used to the work-from-home situation yet, but one thing’s for sure: I could.

One of the best parts is I’m able to wear shorts to work, which has led to the return of a deep-seated disdain for pants I had to get over when I got a job.

Middle man: There are carnivores and herbivores at the opposite ends of the animal kingdom’s dietary spectrum.

Omnivores, which eat meat and plants, are stuck in the middle.

I’m an omnivore on the human dietary line, but today I thought about what I am on the social spectrum.

I enjoy alone time. I am more comfortable in one-on-one situations or around a few people than I am in crowds, but if I have to I’ve always been able to handle social situations pretty well.

I guess I could be classified as an omnisocial (⬅️ made-up word), but I’ve always leaned pretty far to the introverted end of the range.

Apart from the fact there’s a killer virus I wish would have gone the way of polio long ago, and the fact I wish a lot of people didn’t have to worry about how they’ll make ends meet, I’ve enjoyed the quietness of the slowdown.

Touch of tech: I also enjoy a good look at the stars from time to time, just to scope out the sky and ponder the enormity of it all, but sometimes I forget how good we have it on the ground.

A meteor shower was supposed to happen April 21, but either the sky above me didn’t get the memo or I missed it.

I did not miss today’s NFL Draft.

(Well, not all of it. I watched half of the first round and went on my way, but on with the point.)

The amount of technology at our disposal in everyday life would be a marvel if we took time to think about it.

It’s so much a part of us now we just take it for granted the entire draft could be virtual.

We can see NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell read picks broadcast to a nation from his basement.

We can see live looks at players in places across the country in the moments their lives are changed forever.

We can see fans celebrate with them and commentators do their jobs while they compete for the best video background.

It was the stuff of dreams just 20 or so years ago.

Now, we don’t even bat an eye.

Going for goals: When coronavirus came into our lives on a curve we’ve worked to flatten ever since, I decided I’d use the time at home to try to catch up on some of the goals I set for myself in January.

I’m still behind on most of those (I made an executive decision the other day audiobooks count toward my literature goal so I can combine them with my walks and work toward two at once).

I’ve also set some new ones.

One is to finish the WordPress Discover prompts and put up a post every day this month.

I guess this meets today’s requirement.

Only seven days left.

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