Instruments of kindness

Instruments are most often associated with music.

After yesterday’s post I don’t want to talk about music for a while.

WordPress Discover seems bent on it, though, because yesterday’s prompt was “music” and today’s prompt is “instrument.”

Words can be instruments, too, which is lucky for me.

Along with a post which brought back buried musical memories, yesterday gave me a glimpse of how words can be used as instruments of kindness.

I got a postcard from a good friend (who also happens to be a good writer and authors this blog you should read).

There are plenty of apps available for electronic messages, and much of our written communication is done on screens these days, which makes a handwritten postcard pretty cool in my book.

It tells me he spent more time and effort to drop me a line than he had to spend, which I consider kind because time is a valuable resource you can’t get back once it’s gone.

The front of the postcard had some wise words to live by, and so did the message he wrote on the back.

He used five sentences worth of words to remind me to be the best I can be every day and change the world around me.

It was a kind gesture of gratitude, which was appreciated and motivational.

It made my day.

It also made me order postcards so I can write back and pay his kindness forward.

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