The 18th of April

I’ve picked today to post a poem for you,

since WordPress Discover’s prompt is “new.”

I don’t always do just what I’ve been told

so I wrote this new poem about something old.

You’ve heard the story from a better poet’s pen,

but today’s the day I’ll tell it again.

It’s one full of horses, of speed and of fright,

and things done in the dark of night.

It was night when this story took place,

once less of a story and more of a race.

It was 245 years ago,

when Old North Church steeple showed two lanterns’ glow.

They hung there on a doctor’s word,

at least the one the silversmith heard,

which said some soldiers would row on the “sea”

to take some Sons of Liberty.

The Sons led more than just a few,

who sought to build a country new.

They grew tired of laws and tax

and more than enough Intolerable Acts.

The silversmith had to borrow a steed,

but left to do a noble deed.

In truth he was one of a bunch,

who left after the doctor’s hunch.

They knocked upon many a door,

and told many a man to ready for war.

Today is a day for American pride,

for today is the day of the midnight ride.

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