Pairs of chairs

A few years ago, I fulfilled my quest to see all of the Great Lakes.

Aside from awesome scenery and spectacular sunsets, I noticed Northern lake people share my fondness for Adirondack chairs.

With the exception of a stormy Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, which I saw out of a van window, a pair of chairs dotted the shores of the Great Lakes and made for good pictures.

The first pair of chairs was on Lake Superior, where I got a lot of better pictures because the sunset there was one of the best I’ve seen.

The next one I took was in Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Michigan, and I started to think there might be a pattern in these pairs of chairs on famous lakeshores.

The pattern continued when I saw Lake Huron from Mackinac Island, Michigan.

It was the day my sister and brother-in-law announced they had a son on the way, after I had to keep the secret for 63 days.

I felt pretty light since I didn’t have to hide the news about my nephew anymore. Then I saw another pair of chairs, a boat came by at the right time, I managed to get this shot and it wasn’t blurry. It was a good day.

I also took a picture of a pair of chairs in the NICU nursery in 2016 when my nieces were born.

They came to mind when I discovered today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “pairs.” They are twins and they were included in a poem filled with pairs I wrote when I had the same prompt last year so I stuck with pairs of chairs.

A pair of chairs on the shore of one of the Great Lakes seems like the place to be right now.

I should’ve sat when I had the chance.

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