Street scenes

I might have taken one or two usable photos in my journalism career. I like to think I’ve gotten a little better at less blurry pictures.

I thought I’d revisit my family’s trip on part of Route 66 since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “street,” but I couldn’t find any pictures of The Main Street of America’s pavement I actually took.

I did find some pictures of streets on my IPhone camera roll so I put them in a gallery. There’s some info about each picture after the “more…” jump if you’re interested in a little backstory.

I hope these pictures bring memories of your happy times on the open road.

1. This was a road right through a bunch of mesas in the Badlands of South Dakota. Mesas for miles.

2. Some bridge somewhere. I have no idea where this was taken, but it looked cool.

3. Between the police and this bridge, Frankenmuth, Michigan’s got you covered.

4. I got tunnel vision inside the bridge.

5. I think this picture was from my first trip to Michigan, when the heat went out and we wound up in Canada.

6. This is what Times Square looks like when it’s not New Years Eve.

7. I had a good shot of Cincinnati lit up at night, but it’s vanished so here’s a bridge.

8. There are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island so the most common transportation methods are feet, bicycles and these horsin’ around on one of these horse-drawn buggies.

9. I happened to be near a Times Square trash can.

10. I don’t know where this train was, but it was a long one.

11. I thought this was a cool mountain.

12. This is the Ambassador Bridge to Canada.

13. I saw this big wave on a New Jersey street on the way to the subway station.

14. The W Hotel on 15th Street in Washington D.C.

15. This is another Mackinac Island street. You have to take a ferry to the island, and it’s a great place to visit.

16. This is one of the first good glimpses I got of the Washington Monument.

17. This is another shot from Frankenmuth, where we had all-you-can-eat fried chicken and sides. Then we went to the world’s largest Christmas store.

18. I have no idea what road I was on when I took this, but look at the mountain in the distance.

19. We went on a lighthouse hunt on one trip to Michigan.

20. We got behind an Amish family on a Sunday ride somewhere in Kentucky.

21. This is the bridge over the Mississippi River.

22. Have you figured out I like the mountain-in-the-distance shot yet?

23. This one was somewhere in the desert on our Grand Canyon trip. The stop sign would have been a great quote bubble if the raven would’ve cooperated.

24. I thought this mural was cool. I actually know where I took this one.

25. This is another Mackinac Island Street. Apparently, it’s the one where the bikes are stored.

26. Time Square was crowded in this picture, but when we left the theatre after “Wicked,” it was weird how few people were out there with us.

27. This is the Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise, Alabama. People crowded Main Street for its Dec. 11, 2019, centennial celebration.

28. I couldn’t resist more Badlands. Take a trip to South Dakota. You’re welcome.

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