This is it.

With this post, I have written something every day for the last month.

I am grateful to WordPress Discover for these prompts, which is great because today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “grateful.”

Sometimes, things just work out well.


I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is I finished reading another book today. It’s the second one I’ve read this month.

The bad news is I am still three books behind pace of my goal to read two books a month this year.

What better way to plan how to catch up than to list the next five books I plan to read?

My to-read list is just one of three purposes for this post.

The second is to complete today’s WordPress Discover prompt, which is “list.”

The third is to ask others for additions to my list, which is after the jump.


There’s a new way of life these days, born from necessity, and it has affected us all in different ways.

I work from home now, for who knows how long since the plan to reopen the state is about to begin in gradual phases.

My new work environment has positives and drawbacks, which are are subjects for another day.

Today, I thought I’d focus this post on what has become my day after I’ve put in eight hours.


Time capsules have always intrigued me, because when one is found a sliver of the buried time is brought to light again.

Suddenly, the past becomes the present and the future at the same time.

I’ve never seen one opened except in the movies, but if I were going to bury one now seems like a good time.

Since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “hidden,” and one of the suggestions is to write five to seven items you’d place in a time capsule to be opened in 30 years, I thought I’d give it a try.


The worries on his mind were more,

than he’d ever worried before.

He was afraid he’d have to beg,

For his back was out, and so was his leg.

He fell from a stilt

so his house wasn’t built

but that wasn’t the worst thing at all.

Since his house wasn’t built,

‘cause he fell from a stilt,

he lived with his mother-in-law.

She fought and she fussed,

she yelled and she cussed.

He knew he could not stand much more.


A notebook is a type of article full of notes about different topics or extra information for which a reporter couldn’t find a place in a story.

Since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “note,” I thought I’d jot down some random ones.


Fred Fatfellow was not fat.

He was a skinny kid.

For it was fact with a name like that,

run was what he did.

He ducked into the music hall,

and the bullies didn’t know.

All that they could do was call,

for the bullies were all slow.

Fred Fatfellow heard and sat,

toward string music he soon turned.

Said, “I can make a sound like that,

While thoughts in his head burned.

They’d called him a scaredy cat,

because he’d turned and run.

Fred Fatfellow wasn’t that.

He was up with the sun.

He thought of revenge, it’s true,

as he walked back to the hall.

He didn’t know just what he’d do,

but he knew he’d show them all.


Instruments are most often associated with music.

After yesterday’s post I don’t want to talk about music for a while.

WordPress Discover seems bent on it, though, because yesterday’s prompt was “music” and today’s prompt is “instrument.”

Words can be instruments, too, which is lucky for me.

Along with a post which brought back buried musical memories, yesterday gave me a glimpse of how words can be used as instruments of kindness.