A hollow town

[A] few years ago, at Christmastime, Daddy and I hit the road.

We decided we’d make the trip to a place called Jackson Lake Island, for no other reasons than we had time, we wanted to go see the place and we’d pass a Red Robin on the way. When we arrived at the gate, we paid a few bucks and Daddy punched in the code I’d gotten earlier.

The road was lined with trees on both sides. Some stretched out and almost met in the middle. After a short, slow drive, we came to a causeway and ventured onto the island.

I guess I should mention Tim Burton beat us there.

Jackson Lake Island is home to Spectre, the town made famous in the director’s 2003 film, “Big Fish.”

Spectre is a hollow town.

Most of its buildings were built to house cameras and not much more.

Some burned, and the ones still upright have been scarred by age and the elements.

The town bears little resemblence to its vibrant appearance in the movie.

During one scene, lights were draped from the buildings on both sides of the main street while people danced barefoot in the grass.

Shoes weren’t necessary in Spectre so they were just thrown over a line at the town limit.

It’s been years since the film was shot, but people still throw shoes on the line today.

Some folks might say time has taken its toll on Spectre. I think age suits it.

The town was left to ruin when the film wrapped, but its ruins have simply been repurposed.

It’s a great place for day-trip visits, photoshoots and nuptials.

Since Hollywood hauled out of Spectre, a herd of goats has moved in and calls the town home.

The goats are pretty tolerant of tourists who tread the street.

They did form a makeshift roadblock when we arrived and refuse to let us park for a while, but they stayed near the weathered church building at the end of the road for most of our visit.

Shortly after we got home, I realized I didn’t have my house key or the key to my place of employment.

Should any of Spectre’s future visitors find a set of old keys near the church at the end of the road, leave them be.

I’m pretty sure I know where they’ve been.

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