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Sunset on Lake Superior

It has been brought to my attention a few people have asked about what I have been up to since I quit my job.

I appreciate those who have asked, and I don’t want them to wonder so here is the latest answer to their question.

I have been on a trip, which took me to South Dakota. I saw Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, the Crazy Horse Memorial, some bison and a lot of other sights along the way.

I went to Minnesota and into Wisconsin, where I saw Lambeau Field and Lake Michigan.

I may or may not have seen the Northern Lights. I believe I have seen them. It was cloudy so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve sure never seen the sky light up the way it did then.

I went along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan.

I walked up the spiral staircase of a 122-year-old lighthouse.

I watched a sunset on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior is aptly named. When I reached the top of the sand next to our hotel, the lake stretched as far as I could see.

I walked along the shoreline for a while. I heard the water crash on the land, and I heard the rocks under my shoes.

I climbed up on a breakwall, walked out into the lake and sat down on the concrete.

I tried to skip some rocks, and I failed miserably. I didn’t care.

The water shimmered. It was as clear as glass, and I could see fish swimming. I thought about going for a swim myself, but I decided against it.

Instead, I just thought.

When the time came for the sun to set, it looked like the sky exploded.

I hated to leave.

Eventually, we met my sister, my brother-in-law and my twin nieces.

We rode a Hydrojet ferry to Mackinac Island in the middle of Lake Huron.

There were no cars on the island. People walk, ride bicycles or sit in horse-drawn buggies.

A lot of shops, some pricey fudge and a Revolutionary War fort are just a few of the things to experience there.

We went on a boardwalk, which stretched along the shore of Lake Huron and was probably my favorite part of the island.

We came back on an outer deck of the ferry, and I felt chilly wind blow my hair back as the boat moved across the lake.

Since I saw Huron, I have now seen all of the Great Lakes. Superior is my favorite, though I suspect the sunset helped make the choice easier.

We stayed in Michigan for a while before we came back to reality.

Since then, I have been on the job hunt.

The job hunt is hard, but so was learning to walk again.

I’ve learned nothing worth anything is easy.

I updated my resume. I prepared my transcripts. I checked websites. I’ve applied for a lot of jobs with a lot of companies. It hasn’t always mattered to me whether I have the necessary experience or fulfilled every requirement asked of applicants.

I’ve gone to one interview and I’ve yet to hear anything from anywhere else.

I left my job at the paper with a plan to enjoy July and hopefully have another job by the time August rolled around.

I watched my plan fail.

I’ve been bummed about it.

I’ve been uneasy about what might or might not happen next.

I’ve been happy.

I am ready for football season, even if it will be weird to buy a ticket to a game for the first time in about six years.

I am ready to cheer with the fans, as a fan.

I am ready to remember what it is like to go home right after a game. I am ready to forget what it’s like to stay in the Rip Hewes Stadium parking lot and write until all of the lights go out.

I am excited to watch “College Gameday.”

I am excited to watch games with my Daddy and try not to holler at the TV. 

I am ready to take more walks.

I am ready to lose more weight, since I’ve managed to balloon up to 235 pounds again.

I’ve looked for ways to take advantage of the time I’ve been given.

I’ve read blogs and books.

I’ve sat on the beach at night beside a sea turtle’s nest.

I hoped the eggs would hatch because I’ve seen it happen before, and it’s a bucket-list item if there ever was one.

I’ve checked some things off of my bucket list. I’ve written some new things on it.

I’ve written these columns on this blog, and I may start to write other things on it as well.

Last night I sang some Glen Campbell songs, and I was glad no one heard me.

Last night I thought about a lot of things.

I thought about wanderlust and wonder.

I thought about family, about friends, about people and about purpose.

I thought about hurt, heartbreak and happiness.

I thought about love, and I thought about loneliness.

I have been asked a lot of questions. I hope I’ve answered them.

I’ve also stared at the sky and talked to Jesus.

I’ve asked Him a lot of questions. I know He already has all of the answers.

I know in His time I’ll have some answers, too.


8 thoughts on “About answers”

  1. Casey, I have enjoyed reading your post. You are a blessing to our family. Your July travels sounded exciting and special. I think the best part must have been spending time with our “great” grand girls. I am jealous. Lots of love to you and praying God’s blessings on your future job. Lou

  2. I love reading your thoughts, so to speak, because you write from your heart. You know how to put life into perspective more than anyone I know. I always wish you well. Wish you happiness and joy.

    1. Thank you. I always try to write from the heart, and I hope I get better. Thanks for the well wishes, and I wish you the best, too!

    1. I’ve been trying to get out and see a little more of the world. I’d put all of those places on your bucket list if you haven’t seen them, especially Mount Rushmore and Lake Superior. Thank you for reading.

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