Two girls and a T-shirt

To my nieces,

I was wrong about you.
Way before you were born, your Mama, Daddy and some of their friends decided to throw a party. They wanted to make a big surprise out of finding out whether both of you were girls, boys or one of each. Your grandmas found out, and, of course, they wanted in on the celebration. It probably won’t take you long to learn neither one of your grandmas likes to miss out on a party.
Anyway, one came up with the idea for us to let our shirts show whether we thought you were two girls, two boys or one of each. We had to get a blue shirt if we thought both of you were boys, a pink shirt if we thought both of you were girls or a purple shirt if we thought one of you would be a boy and one would be a girl.
Now, I have a confession to make.
I just knew one of you would be a boy.
I was so sure I just did what I was told and bought a purple shirt.
When the day of the big party finally came, I begged your Mama to tell me what you both were.
I even tried to trick her into telling me once, but she’s too smart.
We didn’t have the party. Instead, she sent me a picture of a piece of paper and told me she had to go back to the doctor in two whole weeks because one of you was taking a nap or something. So thanks for that.
The two weeks finally went by, and on March 11 we all found out just how wrong I was.
It was a drizzly Friday.
I was in my truck by myself when your Mama called and told me I had two nieces, and do you know what?
I didn’t even care about being right or wrong anymore. I was just proud. It’s been 21 days since then, and I’m still proud.
Since that Friday when I found out I get to be an uncle to two girls, I’ve noticed a lot of things I never took the time to really see before.
I think the biggest ones are how many strong women are in my life and how blessed I am because of them.
There are way too many to list them all, but one is your Mama and another is mine.
My Mama (she’s your grandma, but when I wrote this letter we hadn’t figured out what you two would call her yet) is the greatest woman I’ve ever met. She is the reason I am able to write this letter. She’s the reason I can do a lot of other things too, like walk, but that’s another story for another time.
She’s also the strongest woman I’ve ever met. She’s been through a lot, but she’s used it all to help everybody else. She’s always got a smile on her face unless I do something to make her mad, but she loves me anyway and she loves you too.
I think your Mama will tell you she learned a lot from her.
Before last Christmas, I never really thought much about what would happen when my little sister became your Mama. Since last Christmas, I don’t think there’s ever been big brother who’s more proud of his sister than I am of mine.
Your Mama is amazing. I’ve always known she’s special, but I know it even more watching her take care of both of you while you grow. Every time she talks to me she tells me something new about you. Yesterday she said one of you, I won’t name names because I’m saving those for later, was kicking her pretty hard. I wanted to give you a high five.
I started to think how much I hope both of you are like them, because they are some of the best influences you could ever have.
I’ve thought a lot about other women in my life who are stronger than they know. They know who they are. I just hope they know how valuable they are, and how proud I am of them.
I hope both of you know those things, too.
People have always told me God makes everybody special in their own way, and I know He does. You girls have helped me see that more clearly than ever before, probably because I’m a guy and I never really bothered to pay that much attention to anybody else’s ultrasound pictures.
Your Mama still won’t let me post any of yours, but you should ask her to let you see them sometime. They’ve given me another glimpse of God at work, and He’s really, really good at what He does.
Sometimes I think about what both of you may be like when you arrive, and who you’ll grow up to be.
I’m sure they’ll be times in your lives when you don’t think you’re as beautiful as you really are. I bet the time will come when the way you see yourself has a lot to do with someone else’s opinion of you.
When it does, I hope you both remember whose opinion really matters most.
I hope you know the One who crafted you cares about you always. I hope you know people’s opinions will change like the leaves, but His love for you never will.
I hope you learn quickly just how worthy of respect and love you both are. I hope you never settle for less than the best.
I hope you learn how valuable are to the One who made you, and I hope you never let the world cloud your worth.
If there’s ever a frog where you once saw Prince Charming, I hope you both remember you’re priceless to the Prince of Peace.
If you ever forget, you can always talk to me. I’ll tell you how I watched Him mold you into masterpieces.


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