A conversation for Christmas

After a small band of carolers began to sing “Silent Night,” the first words of the song rose upward to Gabriel’s ears.

“A silent night it was, indeed,” he said softly, while a slight grin spread across his face. “Until we heard the Baby’s cry and let loose the birth announcement of the ages.”

The quiet remembrance was heard by a smaller angel named Gordo, who was rotund and looked as if his wings should not support his weight.

Nonetheless, he flew to the place where Gabriel sat and perched next to him.

His small brow wrinkled with deep thought as he looked down to earth, and at last he spoke.

“It seems strange the Creator of all of the universe, who has known no limits since before time began, would leave this glorious place to become a baby,” Gordo said.

“It was all part of the plan,” the other angel said. “The humans, all of them, have fallen short of the perfect standard the Father requires. They can never reach it on their own, even when they give their best efforts. So when the time was right, the Father willingly sent His Son to them. The Limitless One left to live with them. The voice which spoke everything into existence became a baby’s cry. He was perfect from the cradle to the cross. He knew all the while he was destined to die, and He died willingly so they could live forever if they surrender their lives and allow Him to be their Lord.”

Gordo had heard those words many times before, yet they always caused him to wonder.

He knew the Son was not dead for long. After all, death is no match for the Author of Life.

He had seen the Creator cared for by His creation. He had seen the King of Kindness killed and he had seen the One who raised the dead rise again.

Each time he played the plan again in his mind, he was awed.

They doubt Him, but He delivers them. They curse Him, and He cares for them. They defy Him, yet He died for them.

“Because I love them,” a voice behind them boomed. “Every single one.”

Both of the angels spun around at once, and Gordo instantly knew who’d heard his thoughts.

“It is the Lord of Hosts,” he shrieked, before he realized he’d turned too fast and was forced to shield his eyes as he bowed down.

“Master, the humans are celebrating your birthday once again,” Gabriel said. “They call it Christmas, but you already know that, don’t you?”

Jesus chuckled, and the realm shook.

With a flick of His finger all was calm.

The angels turned toward earth again, and the Righteous One stepped forward to stand between them.

He gestured toward the carolers, who began to sing about radiant beams from His holy face.

“If they only knew,” Gabriel thought to himself.

Jesus smiled at the musing, and then He spoke.

“They, and all of the others, are the crown jewels of creation,” He said. “I crafted them, each one a marvelous masterpiece, and I gave them the breath of life.”

The carolers’ song ended, but smiles remained on their faces.

“I am the Joy Giver, but I know some are sad in this season,” Jesus said. “I am the Healer of all of their hurts. I am the Defender of all who feel defeated. I am the Calmer of the chaos in their lives. I am the Lover of the lonely. I am Comfort for the confused, and I am Strength for the suffering. I am the One who defeated death. I am the Prince of Peace.”

Jesus continued to watch with the angels and they saw one of the carolers give a child a present, which was promptly unwrapped.

The angels knew each of the Christmas gifts children would open represented the Father’s gift of His Son to them.

“The wise men brought Me gold, frankincense and myrrh,” Jesus said. “I am the Greatest Gift. I am, for all people, the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

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