If I could turn back T.V.*

There is a show by the name of “Resurrection” currently airing on one of the major television networks.
I don’t watch it, but I gather from context clues the premise is something like this: Loved ones, who were once alive, die. Then, on next Sunday’s episode, loved ones who died return to life.
We all know life and death don’t usually work quite like that, at least not on earth, but what if T.V. did?
What if, suddenly, we had the power to call our favorite shows back from the cavern of cancellation?
Power comes with a price, though.
Apparently the price is being forced to whittle my list of bygone shows to only six I wish would return anew to my DVR list.
So, after a few minutes of thought and consideration, here are my selections — in no particular order. May they be continued.


What it was about: A young Clark Kent, before the cape. “Smallville” chronicles the backstory of Kent’s adoption and early years. He grows up, learns to control some “special abilities”, chases his destiny and saves some lives along the way in his quest to become the greatest superhero of all time.

Why it was canceled: Clark finally became Superman, and they couldn’t hide Tom Welling’s five o’clock shadow anymore.

Why it deserves another run: Superman would probably have a Superboy (or Supergirl) by now, and who wouldn’t want to watch a cross between Clark Kent and Lois Lane grapple with who he (or she) is for another 10 years?

Freaks and Geeks

What it was about: Teen life in 1980s Michigan, seen through the eyes of two very different groups of people — the freaks and the geeks — with one goal. Survive high school.

Why it was canceled: Heck if I know. Apparently, the guy who canceled it doesn’t know either.

Why it deserves another run: It’s a crime this show was canceled in the first place. It had everything. Good writing. Good acting. Good story lines. Stars before they were stars. It deserved better than one season, and we deserve to know if Lindsay made it back from the Grateful Dead tour alive.


What it was about: A Stanford dropout and electronics store employee unwittingly becomes the country’s most valuable, and fragile, intelligence weapon. He’s also protected by two spies — one CIA operative and one NSA agent. Yeah, it was as good as it sounds.

Why it was canceled: Because television executives don’t know a good television show when they watch it.

Why it deserves another run: I watched the finale, and it left me thinking there should be more stories to tell.

Pushing Daisies

What it was about: A pie maker who’s touch brings people back from the dead, but also kills them. That’s really rotten for romance, but really helpful for solving murders. Better figure out whodunit quick, though, because if the victim stays alive for more than a minute, it means someone else’s life for theirs.

Why it was canceled: I guess it ran out of murder mystery desserts, and people don’t appreciate pie these days.

Why it deserves another run: It’d be nice to see if they figured out a way around the whole I-love-you-but-if-I-touch-you-you’ll-drop-dead thing.

Friday Night Lights

What it was about: High school football in Texas — on the field and off.

Why it was canceled: The network executives hated the jocks in their high schools.

Why it deserves another run: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose. “Friday Night Lights” is another show with a good cast, good writing and good stories cut before its time. It’s a critically-acclaimed chronicle of the praises and pitfalls of high-school athletes in a football-obsessed town.

The Wonder Years

What it was about: “The Wonder Years” follows a young boy named Kevin Arnold throughout adolescence in one of the most turbulent times in American history.
It profiled the struggles of family life in the 60s suburbs, and showed the process of growing up really is timeless It also had the greatest television show soundtrack of all time. Bar none.

Why it was canceled: The actors grew up, and Kevin left town.

Why it deserves another run: Since they green-lighted “Girl Meets World,” it’s only fair.
We’d learn what Winnie did with the art degree she earned in Paris. We’d learn whether Kevin married Madline, as God intended. We know Kevin grew up and he had a son. Last time we heard, Kevin was heading to the yard to play catch with him. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the game, and the boy, turned out.

* Yes, I know the title of this post is a reference to a Cher song. Don’t judge me. I couldn’t think of a better one. Trust me, I tried.

6 thoughts on “If I could turn back T.V.*”

  1. Ha, I was expecting Smallville but also Dukes and WHY NOT REAPER?? On the other hand, I had no idea you were a Pushing Daisies fan! I miss your podcasts….

  2. Thanks, CK. They were fun for us because of y’all. As for the list, one of the stipulations was I could bring back only six shows. It was tough to narrow it down, as you might imagine. I wanted to bring back all of those, but decided to list some of the ones I thought would be less expected. And who knows? Maybe there will be another list someday…

    1. The Wonder Years is a classic. It’s supposed to be released on DVD sometime this fall with the original music so I’m ready for that. There were a lot more shows I could have included. I may post another list soon. Thank you so much for the read and the comment. Hope all is well with you.

  3. I completely agree that TV execs don’t know a good show if it smacks them in the face. Fox cancelled Terre Nova for no good reason except they just didn’t want to go on making it. 😦

    1. I will never understand it. Luckily, there are some pretty good new shows on right now. Thank you so much for the read and the comment. I hope you have a great day.

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