What a difference an update makes

Since I upgraded my phone, my technical life has been much easier.

My phone actually works now.
It scrolls and everything.
I justified making the purchase by telling myself I needed to have a phone that worked during football season, which is true, but I was really just beyond frustrated.
My iPhone 4 had been good, but it was old and on its last leg.
That much was clear when I couldn’t use my Soundhound app anymore because the song ended by the time it opened.
So I got an iPhone 5s, and boy is it good.
I’ve been typing this post for 10 minutes, maybe.
On my old phone, it would hand probably taken an hour.
It’s going to be great for live updates of football scores.
There’s still a lot I have to figure out about my phone.
I do know if I’m too lazy to even open an app, Siri can open it for me.
I’m off to a good start.

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