Goodbye to a friend of fans

This is a sad day for Atlanta, and a sad day for baseball.

The Braves lost a legendary broadcaster and friend.
Their fans lost a friend, too, one who came into their homes and brought baseball each night.
He was “The Professor.” Our professor.
By all of tonight’s accounts, Pete Van Wieren’s baseball knowledge was extensive and his ability unique.
For more than 30 years, Van Wieren broadcast baseball games for the Braves.
Much of that time, he was in the booth as part of the best broadcast team in baseball.
I grew up listening to them describe the games that unfolded on my television screen.
They were as much a part of baseball to me as what was happening on the field.
Pete retired from the booth in 2008, but he was never far from the game.
Each time I saw him or his fellow broadcasters on a documentary or a famous call from the past, they brought memories from my childhood and a smile to my face.
They are missed, and Pete is too.
His family and friends are in Braves Country’s thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for the memories, Pete.
You called a good game.

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