A look back on a weird month

July was a roller coaster of a month — full of ups and downs — so it should be fun to look back.

July started with me surfing the Internet looking for a post idea. I stumbled upon a writing prompt asking me the reason I write so I answered it.

Then, when the World Cup frenzy was in full force, I had to include my thoughts on it and some other things happening at the time.

I reposted what I thought to be a comical post on Independence Day celebrations from back when Casey’s Column was a young blog no one read.

I got stuck with the work scanner during the July Fourth holiday, and managed to learn a lesson in the midst of my paranoia about missing a story.

I celebrated blogging every day for a month by writing my first “look back” post.

I shamelessly lauded the writers of my most-watched television shows, like “Castle” and “Smallville.”

I imagined what it would be like if I were a nomad and used songs to plan the route to my destinations.

I wrote about how swimming is a necessity for summers in the South, and chronicled my anticipation of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week.

I said happy birthday to a princess, and the post set a new record for views on Casey’s Column. It was everybody’s favorite, just like my sister.

I wrote about SEC Media Days and “Jersey Boys” in the same post. It turned out about as good as it sounds.

I found a story on the Internet about student-athletes who were ineligible academically. It made me mad so I wrote about it.

I wrote another quick post about SEC Media Days, because I’m excited about football finally coming back at long last.

This year’s MLB Home Run Derby was a snoozefest compared to those of the past so I wrote about the lack of home runs in it.

I live-blogged the All-Star Game, minute by agonizing minute, and talked about Derek Jeter a lot.

Some of our area all-star teams won state titles and earned the right to represent Alabama in World Series play so I wrote a short post about the memories they make on the field.

Some guy went too far with his zeal for Alabama football, and it made me mad so I wrote about it.

I saw a few episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show,” which inspired a post about how television used to be worth watching.

I took a break from blogging because my Pawpaw died, but when I decided it was time to write again I wrote about him.

I finished the month with another Pawpaw-inspired post about being prepared, and how you can face hard times with hope.

Thanks to all who have read the blog this month, and I hope you keep reading.

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