Television worth watching

There once was a time when television produced shows worth watching.

Today, I went back to that time.
I found a video of the pilot episode of “The Andy Griffith Show.”
Ironically, it was stamped with the logo of something called Wayback Machine 1 ( I think).
The show ended up redoing its first episode, however, and I watched that one, too.
It was even better.
Opie was traumatized when the Taylors’ housekeeper, Rose, married and left her job.
Andy immediately called his Aunt Bea, who raised him, and she agreed to move in with the Mayberry sheriff and his son.
Opie, of course, was less than thrilled with Aunt Bea’s presence in his house.
She couldn’t do what Rose did.
She couldn’t play baseball, she couldn’t catch frogs and she was scared of the fish on the end of her line.
She couldn’t do anything, and that’s exactly what changed Opie’s mind.
After all — as he said — if she couldn’t play ball, catch frogs or catch fish, she’d be helpless.
Aunt Bea ended up staying in Mayberry.
The rest is television history.
The episode was a great start to one of the iconic shows in TV history.
It’s 23 minutes of TV worth watching.

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