Taking fandom too far

Ok. I’m mad.

It’s too close. We don’t have time for this stuff.
What “stuff,” you ask?
The stuff that makes an entire fan base look like a steaming pile of poo.
The fan base of which I speak is Alabama’s, and it includes me.
Hence, the reason I am now as mad as a wet hen.
Apparently during the renovations at Kyle Field on the Texas A&M campus, a worker planted an Alabama flag on the stadium.
Then he got fired.
It was a dumb move, but it wasn’t hurting anyone.
Then the worker, who shall remain nameless on this blog because he doesn’t deserve to be named, took to Facebook.
He allegedly posted things about putting the stadium’s iron in wrong and welding “questionable” welds.
Though officials said everything about the stadium construction is safe and secure, someone saying they compromised construction of a place planned to host thousands of people is ridiculous.
That’s not being a fan.
That’s over the line.
Alabama fans, and plenty of other fan bases, are very zealous and supportive of their team.
People who do things like this give real fans a bad name, and I don’t appreciate it.
It makes me mad.
The man who allegedly poisoned the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn made me mad.
Real fans don’t do those things.
Real fans respect time-honored traditions, even those of the rival team.
Real fans don’t put themselves or their teams in the news by doing things to harm other fans or say they purposely did something to stall another school’s progress.
Maybe it was a joke, and I’m all for a harmless rivalry joke, but when it was taken further than the flag it stopped being funny.
Cheer for your teams. Trash talk with fans of other ones.
Partake in rivalries, but realize one thing.
Your teams need you to be a fan, and they don’t need you to garner negative publicity.
There’s no need to do anything like that to let people know where your rooting interests lie.
If you’re a real fan, they already know it.

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