All-stars make memories

The summer is winding down, but, around here, all-stars is heating up.

After five softball state tournaments throughout last weekend and the first part of this week, a pair of our teams emerged as state champions.
They’ll move on to Mississippi and Tennessee.
There, they’ll represent the Yellowhammer State in the World Series in their respective divisions.
One of them scored 45 runs in three games in the state tournament.
That’s ridiculous.
The other rallied for at least two wins in its state tournament, but it’s been a while so I can’t remember.
Anyway, we’ve got a couple more shots at a couple more championships, and that’s exciting.
We have several baseball teams still playing, as well.
State and sub-state begin this weekend for them.
It’s a busy time on the field, but it’s a perfect time to make lasting memories.
That, after all, is what all stars is about.

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