Happy birthday to a princess

An undisclosed number of years ago today, the princess of my parents’ world was born.

My life was changed forever.
I was a big brother.
Suddenly there was a 7-pound, 7-ounce miniature person living in our house.
I loved her instantly.
She might have learned to walk behind a toy car I rode around the front yard.
She swung on the swing set beside our house with me.
She played catch, and she was never afraid to take to the skies in our front-porch-swing jet.
She bounced on moon shoes.
She put together dolphin puzzles.
She went swimming when I went swimming.
She threw boomerangs with me until I hit her in the eye with mine and she had to go to the emergency room.
When we played with the electric fence in the backyard, she got shocked.
When I got spankings, she ran to her room and cried.
My parents say the reason she hardly ever got in trouble is because she learned what not to do when she watched what I did.
She was always good at learning.
She put a lot of effort into school, and she made a lot of As because of it.
She was a valedictorian in high school and graduated  from college with a bunch of honors.
She’s got a bachelor’s degree in biology.
She works at a doctor’s clinic now, and she makes a difference in people’s lives every day.
I’m not the least bit surprised, because I’m used to her making a difference in mine.
Growing up, she was always there to reach out when I needed a hand up.
Today, I can always count on her to hum along when I start the “Sanford and Son” song or help me belt out “The Jeffersons” theme.
When it comes to the two of us she’s always been the responsible one, but I’ve always known I have certain responsibilities as her brother.
I have a responsibility to get on her nerves, and I’m good at it.
I have a responsibility to love her, and I love her very much.
I have a responsibility to protect her, and I’m very protective.
I didn’t want to let boys near her.
When one came around, I gave him the big brother test.
The last one who came around passed, and I stood on the stage while she walked down the aisle.
The man she married is a good one. He loves Jesus, he loves my sister and he makes her happy.
That’s all a big brother can ask for.
I watched her grow up, and I’ve seen her become one of the best people this world has to offer.
I’m proud of who she is, I’m lucky to call her my sister and I’m privileged to call her my friend.
I’d just like to say happy birthday to my parents’ princess, and I’m glad she’s found her happily ever after.



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