A hundred words about swimming

I feel sorry for people who don’t know how to swim.
Especially those who don’t know how to swim and live in Alabama, where the sky is so blue and the summer months are so hot you probably really could fry an egg on the sidewalk.
I’ve been swimming a lot lately, and it’s helped. Since the mercury in the thermometer has been so high, I think swimming has become somewhat instinctive — like a survival mechanism.
I’m exaggerating, of course, but it is nice to have a place to find relief when the sun beats down like Germany on Brazil.

5 thoughts on “A hundred words about swimming”

  1. Casey: In my 85 years I have only lived in two countries where it was hotter than Alabama. Iran in 1965-1966 down on the Persian Gulf where it got up to 130 degrees in the shade and there were no trees. The other was Vietnam in 1970-1971 where it could get up over 100 degrees with the humidity out of sight. Thank the Good Lord I was raised in Alabama where I learned to endure it growing up without air conditioning or electricity during my younger years.Great post! God bless!

  2. I’m a non-swimmer who loves the ocean… go figure! As long as I’m in a boat or watching it from ashore, that is. Ankle-deep is okay.

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