A tough, rewarding task

They said it couldn’t be done, but it’s done.
Yesterday marked an entire month since I started trying to write a post each day.
Actually no one said it couldn’t be done, but it’s done nonetheless.
Sometimes (OK a lot of the time) it’s been difficult finding an idea for every day, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge.
Looking back, I realized I’ve come up with a lot of ideas.
The Women’s College World Series was the first. Alabama didn’t win, but it was a good tournament.
I got tired of people flinging poo at one another in the political primaries so I wrote an open letter to elected officials.
America remembered the 70th anniversary of D-Day this year, and I remembered the time I got to listen to one of its veterans tell his story about the part he played in the invasion of Normandy.
I expressed my confusion about the Directv wire puppets commercial, and apparently I am far from the only one confused.
I found a video on YouTube that reminded me my problems aren’t all that problematic.
A short day trip reminded me how important it is to put the phone down and look around once in a while.
I reminisced when one of my favorite sports columnists gave up his column.
I imagined what it would be like if the antique typewriter on top of my cabinet could offer its perspective on things.
On the anniversary of what should have been Anne Frank’s 85th birthday, I took a look at one of the greatest works of literature to come out of World War II and the talented girl who wrote it.
A friend posted something on Facebook, and it proved to good to leave off of my blog.
Riding down the road on a time crunch, I wrote about looking at life through the windshield.
I got to celebrate the greatest man I’ve ever known on Father’s Day.
My post about the typewriter on my cabinet led me to see when it was made.
I wrote of my feelings about deadline day.
I was reminded life is short, and we shouldn’t hurry through it.
I had a day off of work and didn’t know what to do.
There are a lot of all-star games during the summer, and mine couldn’t seem to start on time.
I wrote an ode to the Waffle House.
My parents introduced me to “Castle” so I bought a season with someone else’s money.
I wrote about the impact of social media, and a strange ad on the Internet.
A Native American gave me his opinion on the Washington Redskins saga.
A conversation with a friend led me to look back on my career in journalism.
“Girl Meets World” premiered and included several throwbacks to “Boy Meets World,” which made me glad.
I took a much-anticipated trip out of town, and I enjoyed a baseball game without having to write about it.
I went through a painful night on the couch, and thought about the reason I write.
I discovered soccer is more interesting than I thought, and sometimes rivalries don’t matter.
I looked back on a past Independence Day celebration, and thought about what it meant to be an American while I was stuck at home with the police scanner.
It’s been an interesting month, and I plan to continue trying to post each day. Thank you to each person who has taken the time to read this blog.
I can’t wait to see what next month has in store.

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