My thoughts on soccer, tipping and more

In light of all of the noteworthy things I’ve seen happen or found on the TV and Internet in the past few days, I’ve decided to write a post out of three of my random thoughts.


Soccer is not terrible.

That’s right. I, a full-blooded, Southern American, said it. I used to dislike soccer, but I can admit I was wrong. When I disliked soccer, I didn’t understand it. It looked like a bunch of guys (or women) running around trying to kick a ball in a big net and rarely scoring a goal. However, through a couple of years of covering high school matches and the kindness of coaches and players who are always willing to answer even when I ask the stupidest of questions, I have come to appreciate it.

I’ve watched a lot of soccer during the World Cup this year — although Belgium probably put an end to my viewing when it so rudely eliminated the United States yesterday — and I’m not sure how anyone can run that much.

These people run miles per match. Miles. That’s just about ludicrous.

Soccer is also a lot more violent than I realized.

In the matches I watched I saw two broken noses, two possible concussions and a bite.

How do they not have a hospital on the side of the pitch?

The U.S. silenced a lot of critics, and showed a lot of people, including myself, soccer is far from what they thought it was.

Also, U.S. keeper Tim Howard earned every bit of the recognition he is receiving for his 16 saves, which they said were the most in a World Cup match in the last 50 years.

It was pretty amazing to watch, and it led to some pretty good memes.

It’s not American football, but soccer took a step forward in my eyes because of the U.S. team’s performance in this World Cup.

Ian Darke was pretty funny, too.


Boys don’t tip? That’s funny, Warren

Apparently ex-NFL player Warren Sapp went to some restaurant to watch the U.S.-Belgium match. He and another person ate for nearly $70 and left no tip.

Sapp did allegedly leave a message on the receipt to apparently inform the waitress, “Boys don’t tip.”

The story said Sapp said the waitress was calling them boys, and included some tweets Sapp posted saying he left before the match started and the service was bad.

I don’t care if your waiter or waitress spills your food in your lap. I think they always deserve a tip. Some wait staffs rely a lot on tips to make ends meet, and there is hardly a reason (note I said hardly, I’m sure there are some) not to tip.

They’re pouring your drink, bringing your food and cleaning up your dishes for goodness’ sake. You hardly have to get off of your butt unless you’re going to the bathroom or the buffet.


Sometimes rivalries don’t matter


Alabama is a football-crazy state, and its residents are especially fond of college football. I am an Alabama fan, and have been since shortly before I was born. For those of you who are not from around here, Alabama fans usually don’t care much for Auburn and vice versa.

Sometimes, however, the rivalry is turned on its head and the sides come together.

Alabama and Auburn have been one several times, like when storms have ravaged the state or when other tragedy strikes. Those are the times rivalry is swept under the rug.

Sunday was one of those times.

Early last Sunday morning former Auburn football player Phillip Lutzenkirchen was killed in a car accident, along with others in the car.

Lutzenkirchen, who was just 23, was a great football player and, by all accounts I’ve seen, a great person.

Alabama and Auburn fans came together to pay their respects to him, and I think Alabama play-by-play announcer Eli Gold provided a good summary of the state’s reaction.



Swimming is good for survival


When I left work yesterday, the temperature on the rear view mirror of my truck read 104 so I quickly turned the air conditioner on full blast. I was going to take a picture because I thought no one would believe me when I told them how hot it was, but by the time I took it my blessed air conditioner had gotten the temperature down to a measly 101.

When I got home, I immediately went swimming and was rejuvenated.

It’s a good thing swimming is also considered exercise, because August is on its way and I’m in for a workout.

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