I’ve been looking forward to today for at least a week

I’m not sure you can tell by the headline, but for a while now I’ve been counting down the days until this one dawned for a while.
It’s been a long week, it’s finally the weekend and by now I’m on a road trip.
I’m on call for the Fourth of July and I’m off this weekend so I’m getting out of dodge.
Yesterday, when I left work to deposit my check, the thermometer on my rearview mirror read 94 degrees.
This is nowhere near as hot as it will get in South Alabama later this summer, but I was already sweating because the air conditioner in the office had been broken for some time earlier in the day and for a minute I wondered if I’d melt.
When I arrived at the bank, I tweeted the following astute observation to help my 41 followers realize the seriousness of the situation.

Presently, I’m headed north to the Magic City and hoping it will be in the 80s when I get there.
I’m on my way to see my sister and brother-in-law, which is always a wise way to spend time.
I believe we’re going to a minor league baseball game, and I hope to make a pit stop at 2nd and Charles to pick up season two of “Castle” on DVD.
Beyond that, I don’t know and I don’t care.
My plan is to have fun, and I’m going to have fun.
I bet tomorrow’s blog post writes itself.

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