Boy Meets World, then has daughter

Today is the day.

A classic sitcom of the 90s spins off into the second decade of the new millennium.
This is the day “Girl Meets World” hits the airwaves on Disney Channel. The network, I’m sure, is hopeful it will bridge the gap between people like me who accomplished part of their growing up in the 90s and today’s generation.
For the sake of today’s generation, I’ve been hoping it’s half as good as “Boy Meets World” was and continues to be in syndication.
So when I found the spinoff on iTunes, barely hidden within the “Free full-length episodes” slider, I decided to give it a try a day early.
I hit download and settled in to watch.
I know you are hanging on the edge of your seats to find out what happens so I’ll try not to give any of the major details or plot points away, but if you are adverse to any spoilers — and you actually plan on watching — consider this sentence your spoiler alert and come back after you have seen the episode.
If you did come back I would also have more blog views, but I digress.

The “Boy Meets World” spinoff harkens to some of the same things that made its parent show what it was while still trying to establish a new show in its own right.
While I watched, I could tell some of the “Girl Meets World” characters tried to pay homage to the past, and I saw glimpses of their “Boy Meets World” counterparts, which was refreshing.
Cory is still Cory — with a little bit of Alan Matthews thrown in — and Topanga is still Topanga.
I thought the actress they cast as their  daughter did a pretty good job of playing a blend of the two of them while working to set the new character.
She played off of Ben Savage’s Cory mannerisms pretty well, which may be good for the show.
The little brother has a good line or two in the episode, too.
The show isn’t set in Philadelphia but there are some other Easter eggs for “Boy Meets World” fans.
It has its differences to appeal to a younger audience, but some things are surprisingly similar.
The obligatory lesson to be learned in each episode was there.
It wasn’t the same, but I didn’t expect it to be since 14 years have passed. I thought it respected “Boy Meets World,” and I wasn’t too disappointed.
If you liked “Boy Meets World” and you have kids who watch Disney, now might be a good time to introduce them to the old show because “Girl Meets World” looks like one you’ll be able to watch with them.
There is also a cameo by an actress in another well-known sitcom, and the last scene of the episode is something to wait for if you’ve watched that far.
It was a pretty good way to start what is an anticipated show by paying respect to its roots while still trying to make its own way in the television world.

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