Castles, a secret agent and someone else’s money

For today’s post, I’d like to discuss a leisure activity I enjoyed before writing this.
The afore-mentioned activity happened because of a purchase I made Friday with someone else’s money.

Daddy and I were both sitting recliners watching a TV show, one which he enjoys and one I had never paid much attention.
He held the remote hostage so if I wanted to remain comfortable and in my recliner I had little choice but to stare at the screen until I fell asleep.
Sleep never arrived, I just couldn’t get into the show.
For the life of him, Daddy couldn’t understand why.
“Why can’t you get into this show,” he said.
“I haven’t seen it from the beginning,” I said. “I don’t know the story.”
Those 12 words were all Daddy needed to hear, and his next four words changed the course of our entire weekend.
“Buy it on the iTunes,” he said.
He also told me to use his computer, because he had $80 left on a $100 gift card.
After I made sure he did, in fact, want to make the purchase I immediately accessed the iTunes store and downloaded the entire first season.
It was available for the low, low price of $19.99, because as I found out later, there were just 10 episodes in the first season.
It took a giant chunk of time to download, and when it did I finally watched the first one.
Oh, yeah, the show is called “Castle” and I am now hooked.
Maybe it’s the notion of a best-selling novelist somehow having the good fortune to pen an entire series for which people actually pay and then be paired up to shadow a smart, no-nonsense, gorgeous woman who happens to be a New York City homicide detective for “research.”
Some guys have all the luck.
Today we flew through four more episodes and have now watched half of the season.
I’ve learned three main things watching the first five episodes.

⁃    It helps to watch a show from the beginning, because it’s entirely different when you know the first chapter of the story.
⁃    I like the show now. A lot.
⁃    My mama may or may not have formerly been a spy, a detective or a secret agent.

My mama is always right. I know everybody says that about their mamas, but I’m pretty sure it’s true with mine.
If she says something will happen, it usually comes to pass.

For example: “Casey, you need to wear sunscreen.”
“I’m going outside for 30 minutes. I won’t even come close to getting burned.”
“OK, but don’t come crying to me about how bad it hurts and how much you look like a lobster.”
Needless to say, I look like a lobster.
She figured out the killer in every episode. She later confessed to seeing a few without me, but I remember one she hadn’t seen.
There is an episode about a city councilman who turns up dead, and about the second scene, before I even knew all the characters’ names, Mama said something like this:
“The councilman’s wife and his campaign manager are probably in on it, and the councilman was probably with some prostitutes.”
I laughed it off, but sure enough it was revealed photos had been taken of the councilman and a woman of questionable repute. Sure enough, it was revealed his wife and campaign manager were in on the plot to off him.
My jaw hit the floor, but I should have known.
She’s been right about pretty much everything in my whole life. It’s not always fun to watch whodunit shows with her, though.
That was, however, the one of the best purchases I’ve ever made with someone else’s money.

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