Ode to Waffle House

Waffle-HouseToday, I salute Waffle House.
I salute it because it’s where I ate last night’s supper.
I salute it because of how often it is the only place open when I get off of work on game days.
I love the Waffle House’s ingenious plan to serve breakfast throughout the day and night.
i love opening the door, sitting down and ordering the same ham and cheese omelet every time.
I love how I can expect the omelet to taste a certain way, and it always does.
That way is indescribably delicious.
When I go to the Waffle House, I like the fact there are so many options.
I like knowing I could have hash browns chunked and diced, even though I order double hash browns, double covered every single time.
The Waffle House has a jukebox and plays good music, which makes it even cooler.
There are so many reasons Waffle House is great, but I’d be writing a while if I tried to list them all and now I’ve made myself hungry.
Thanks, Waffle House.
I think I’ll have an omelet now.

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