Life through the windshield

As I write this I’m sitting in the passenger’s seat of a truck looking out through the windshield into the darkness.Watching the white center lines get closer and then suddenly go by in a blur reminds of how quickly time passes.
The weekend just arrived, yet it’s halfway gone.
It seems like yesterday I was watching bowl games on New Year’s Day, and now 2014 is six months old.
I was talking to a friend last night who told me his son couldn’t wait to get into high school.
There was a time when we couldn’t wait to get there, either.
Now, 10 years after graduation, we both found ourselves wishing we’d have taken more time to enjoy that chapter of our lives before time turned the page and we grew up.
I guess I’ve been nostalgic some when I think of those times, because only memories are left of them now.
They’re in the rear-view mirror, and the rest of my life lies in the road ahead.
I’m looking through the windshield watching the center lines come and go. It reminds me to look forward to the future, live in the present and enjoy the ride.

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