What’s with the wire puppets?

There is a series of commercials on the air right now I absolutely do not understand.

What in the world?
What in the world?

DIRECTV has launched an ad campaign featuring several marionettes, which resent the fact wires have been labeled ugly.
Pardon me while I attempt to sort through the premise of these commercials.
Apparently, DIRECTV’s point is to advertise wireless availability, and in order to do this it decided to highlight consumers’ supposed disdain of whatever wires are currently protruding from the back of their cable boxes. This causes unsightly clutter, and simply must not be allowed.
Thankfully, Directv is here to save the day with a new DVR, which can wirelessly connect TVs and make looking at tangled wires a thing of the past.
Cool. This is all fine and dandy.
The commercials are not.
I have several questions about them, and no answers.
Maybe someone out there does.

Who’s pulling the strings?  The marionettes appear to move on their own. Who is the unseen puppet master?

Why is this man living with a family of puppets? This is just weird. He doesn’t like wires, yet he pretends they are great. He’s living a lie. For puppets.

Why does he have a wooden wife? Again. Weird. Especially the bedroom commercial.

Why does “Geppetto” have a wooden son, yet he is human? Wouldn’t this result in some kind of hybrid?

What is the point? I don’t understand why a company would use wires to market a wireless product. I don’t understand the marketing strategy, unless it is to get people talking about the commercial. If that is the aim, obviously, DIRECTV succeeded.

This is the strangest series of commercials I’ve seen in a long time, but if “Geppetto’s” son ever becomes a real boy here’s hoping he’ll always let his conscience be his guide.

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