It’s raining, but my blog has suited up

[I]n honor of Monday’s “How I Met Your Mother” series finale, I have “suited up” my blog.

OK, the change really came about because it’s spring break, no one is at school, no teams are playing games yet today because a deluge is falling from the sky and I am stuck in the office.
While I try to make a decision about whether to take my lunch break, I have compiled a list of three things I’m looking forward to when the rain stops.


I haven’t eaten yet today. Yesterday I had two chicken sandwiches (with medium fries) from the same fast-food restaurant, and all I have left in the office is the tiny morsels left in this giant bag of Skittles.


The end of “How I Met Your Mother”

It is not my intention for anyone to read the above subhead with the impression I am happy to see the show end. I am not. For almost nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has been one of my television staples, and I will miss its ever-winding plot lines, its attempts to maintain continuity, its characters, its slap bets and its real fake websites.
However, I am mature enough to admit when the time is right for a show to leave the air, and the time is right. Perhaps the season-long wedding arc has drawn out the storyline even more, which I suppose is the point, but the notion of cramming a few hours of time into an entire season has made it seem more lengthy than legendary. I am enjoying the last few episodes, but I have not enjoyed this season as much as years past. I will say The Mother has provided the show with a tremendous spark, and has been much appreciated in the home stretch. The reveals and long-lost-character cameos have been fun to watch, and all indications point to a deserving end for awesome series.

Opening Day

Though it will bring the end of HIMYM, this Monday has its bright spots.
The biggest is, of course, opening day of the Major League Baseball season.
I have long thought opening day should be a national holiday, and it appears someone is finally starting to listen.
Bring on the baseball.

It sounds like the rain has slacked so I guess I’ll row to lunch.

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