It has contained many stories, and through it their pages come alive with language.
It has heard the voices of veterans, who told tales of fighting for freedom. It has replayed soldiers’ shaky tones as they remembered comrades who didn’t come home. It has documented the struggle and strength of a brave boy who refused to back down or give up throughout a long battle with cancer. Time and time again it has been a megaphone for those who have overcome obstacles and triumphed in spite of tragedy.
It has contained many stories, and within it their essence is preserved.

My 100-word posts are inspired by a WordPress blog called All of 100. The authors of the site, which has been operating since 2009, committed to write 100 words a day – no more, no less. I decided to take up the challenge because I thought it might help me write more concisely. It is more difficult than I thought.

Can I do this?
Can I write things people actually want to read? Can I write things people actually want to read and keep them within a specific, 100-word limit? Can I craft short stories, literally, with characters and plots worth the time it takes to read them and the cost required to post them to this thing we call the Internet? Can I write short, awesome works of literature while watching a show about the shortest celebrity marriages? Can I write these 100-word proses without having one idea to write about? Can I make a statement?
Yes, I can.