Addressing the inevitable

[W]ell, it’s almost that time again.

Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a week, and there’s not a thing in the world I can do about it.

I can’t stop the calendar, but I can ask a question that recently came to my mind.

Why in the world is Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day as I like to call it, so special?

If you are a man and you are lucky enough to have a woman in your life, shouldn’t you try to make her feel special every day?

I may be old-fashioned or something, but I’ve just never gotten the point.

If she  really matters to you — I hope she does, and if she doesn’t I hope she realizes it and dumps you so someone who would really  love to treat her right can have the chance — shouldn’t you try to make sure she knows it all year?

Why is it we need to set aside a day to remember to make her feel special?

I’m not saying a man should wake up every morning and make breakfast in bed and have roses delivered to her four times a day, but shouldn’t he want to make her smile the other 364 days of the year?

I’m all for making her feel like she is the only woman alive on Valentine’s Day.

Go ahead. Call the florist and order the roses. Go buy a Barry White CD and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  Make a reservation at some fancy restaurant, pull her chair out for her and enjoy a nice meal.

Make her feel as special as you possibly can, but remember one very important detail.

She deserves to feel just as special every other day.

Make it a point to make sure she knows how much she matters.

Make sure she never has to wonder how much she means to you.

Always remember how lucky you are to have the chance to be with her, because if you ever forget you could find yourself dreading Singles Awareness Day next year.

One thought on “Addressing the inevitable”

  1. I love this post, Casey! A lot of people — men and women alike — take their partners for granted and don’t show their love and appreciation nearly enough. This is a great attitude to have, and one day you’ll find a woman worthy of your affection. And don’t dread Singles Awareness Day. Celebrate it. Spend the day pampering yourself and doing your very favorite things 🙂

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